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Video lessons on writing PhD

There are quite good videos on writing steps of PhD. Day by day I have come across with them on youtube. There are so beneficial how to books and manuals on master thesis/PhD writing. Videos on youtube, in that sense, can be considered as visual versions of them.

Now decided to collect those videos on the following playlist. This playlist is an evolving one, I will go on to add videos through time.

click to see video manuals playlist

How to follow academic journals easily?

Being  up-to-date with contemporary scientific literature is a must for scientist. However following academic journals can be a tough job if you are not using technology efficiently, here is my solution to follow them.

I use rss feeds of journals to track new issues. Even if you didn’t use it till now, probably you are familiar with its icon. Rss is a tool that gives us the ability to track changes in related web site. In other words, by using rss technology anyone can give alerts whenever particular website has new content. In order to track rss feed of any website (in that case site of academic journals) you need a software in your devices, pc or mobile. there are lots of software options but i portray here my selection of programs,
I use feedly to follow academic journals. feedly is a web-based platform (feedly.com). You don’t need to download and install any program to your computer. Simply, it is like your facebook account; you add your favorite journals into it (by using rss technology) and than check feed in the program periodically to see, if there is a new content. not just by website, you can use mobile apps to view your feedly account.
It may sound complicated till there, let me write it down a step by step guide
  • enter feedly.com
  • create a feedly account
  • log in with your account to feedly.com
  • go to “add content” section in the main page
  • in order to add content there is two option here
  • (optionI) in add content section write any keyword that you are interested and let feedly to show you content
  • (optionII) copy and paste rss link of the journal website into add content*
  • after you add some material, you will see them in the sidebar of the website
  • now it is done. whenever you enter feedly.com you will see that whether there is new issues of your journals.
  • there may be a last step, install apps into your mobile devices to follow your feedly account easily. that one is for windows phone, for iphone, for android.
*In order to find rss link of the journal, click on the following screenshot